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As the Final Grains Drop


With wrinkled eyes, I look back. Every joy seems massive, every smile, every hug. 

As the final grains drop, I realize, all the pain is gone. I can finally understand. each second is the same for us all. To the newborn and to those who were around a bit longer. Each grain matters and It matters to us all the same. 

As the final grains drop, this life I had, full of regrets, fears, and loss, lies, and betrayals, now they seem clearer.


They were not a force of malicious intent but an act of benevolence. Those weren't there to test me or to entertain an evil god. It was all to teach me.
That I can be better than my mistakes, and better from all of those who lied. The universe, the force of life or the God, call it whatever you choose to believe in. It isn't trying to bring you down, it tests you if you are worthy of going up. 

 Time... I would've wished for more time but knowing how much I wasted, laying down doing nothing... I do not think I deserve to be asking for more. I wish I knew before, that; it would've ended one day... which I did. We all know it ends one day. Yet we like to pretend it doesn't.

As the final grains drop, it is much more clear that it ends and I know I had my time. 

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