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Capturing Freedom


   You are a photographer, trying to take a picture of ''Freedom''to capture a moment of it.

   You live in a crowded city, so you look up. You notice a kid playing a video game. His mind is buried into the screen, behind the bars of his house.
He doesn't seem free, but he seems happy.

   You don't dwell on that idea for long. You notice the birds and go out to take a picture of them.
    They can fly away, yet they seem to stay. Stay in the same crowded city as you do.
You wonder if they look down in search of freedom. 
   You notice; the pigeons look like they are behind bars on the powerlines.
They seem to be stuck in place as you do to them.
They can fly away to anywhere they wish, yet they choose to stay in your city.  Just like you.

This is a 3D animation made in blender.
Music: Eleven Tales | Tomás Almeida - Close.


The behind the scenes montage of this piece


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